who-we-are-introIn Argentina, Brazil, Belgium, Poland, Romania, China and Taiwan, Property Division is made of commercial real-estate players of Carrefour, which represents all the areas of expertise and executes the most ambitious projects for retail spaces.

From the shopping center to the retail park, not to mention the convenience gallery and mixed-use developments, these experts develop multi-format projects adapted to customers’ needs and aspirations.

The Property Division is the ambassador for Carrefour‘s retailing DNA, through 50 years of innovative commerce culture, a local market knowledge in +30 countries, via partnerships, thanks to over 12,000 stores around the world.


Figures as at June 2017



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Key Figures

7 countries
1 500 sites
615 collaborators



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Jacques Ehrmann

Jacques Ehrmann

Assets, International Development & Innovation
Executive Director

Yves Cadélano

Group Real-Estate


Denis Mercier

Corporate Shopping
Centers Director


Marcelo Rodriguez Caceres

Argentina Real-Estate Director

Yen Wang

Brazil Real-Estate Director

Steven Boel

Steven Boel

Belgium Real-Estate Director


Ronan Martin

Poland Real-Estate Director


Anca Damour

Romania Real-Estate Director



Frank Chan

China Real-Estate Director

Patrick Le Thoer

Patrick Le Thoer

Taiwan Development & Expansion Director