Carrefour has entered the Belgian market in 2001, by the purchase of GB. Only operations were acquired, since GB separately sold the real-estate part. Carrefour is thus the lessee on all his sites, except for two of them. Carrefour operates in 3 formats: Hypermarkets/Carrefour, Supermarkets/Market and convenience stores/Express, plus one store ROB, the Gourmets Market, a premium supermarket format.

Around 730 stores operate under Carrefour brands, out of which 500 are leased, the remaining are managed by franchisees.

In Belgium, the Property Division teams count 7 people.

  • Supermarket Carrefour Market Heverleed de Leuken
  • SupermarketCarrefour Market Heverleed de Leuken


    Focus on

    ROB – The Gourmets’ Market

    • Carrefour-Property Division Belgium ROB wine cellar
    • Rob - Exterior
    • Rob - Exterior
    • Rob delicatessen
    • ROB Butchery

      Totally dedicated to gastronomic delights, Rob is a place where you meet men and women from the world of fine food, who will share their flair for incomparable flavours. At Rob, everything is dedicated to taste, quality and gastronomy. Rob is the spirit of the great food markets, the local morning markets, the cuisine of superb chefs and the pleasure of eating well.